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Hospital Discharge Services
Hospital Discharge

Saving You lost time by coordinating home evaluation, ramp installation and home modifications in one phone call.

Saving you hospitalization costs by working with you, your family, case manager and inpatient therapists to ensure a smooth hospital discharge to a safe home.

Discharge services tailored to fit you, based on home accessibility needs and short term disability vs long term disability needs.

Two discharge models which are tailored to meet your need or the needs of your client. They are Short Term Disability discharge services and Long Term Disability discharge services. Both discharge service models include time responsive evaluations, rental ramp installation, adaptive equipment procurement and high quality home modifications.

Hospital Discharge Home Evaluation Services designed to you save money:
    Reducing hospital stays by assisting your family/case manager in accessing the home, installing ramps and setting up the home to be safe and accessible.

    Eliminating safety hazards in the home to prevent injury.

    Assisting in recommending and procuring appropriate adaptive equipment. Teaching you and your family to utilize the adaptive equipment effectively and safely.

    Collaborating with inpatient therapists so inpatient therapy can address your family member's/client's needs to ensure safe transfers and patient care.

Short Term Disability Hospital Discharge Services.
Your home prepared for you with a time responsive occupational therapy home evaluation coordinated with inpatient therapists prior to discharge to make sure you have what you need before you need it. The home evaluation is submitted to the family or case manager.

A Home services/ramp construction bid based on occupational therapy evaluations, which is submitted to the family or case manager in a timely manner. Your house is modified so you can come home and get back to living your life your way, safely and independently.

We do anything that needs to be done to expedite the discharge process. When you/your patient no longer requires wheelchair accessibility, we restore the original house layout.
    Install rental wheelchair ramps.

    Widen doorways.

    Move and reconfigure furniture.

    Remove sliding glass bathtub doors and install temporary shower rods and curtains.

    Install grab bars.

    Procure and install adaptive equipment.

Long Term Disability Hospital Discharge Services. Our team works with your team to get your loved ones or patients home and on with their lives.

Catastrophic/Long Term Disability Discharge Services. Catastrophic disability hospital discharge services are tailored to the needs of your family/patient. Home modifications and evaluations are 'staged' as part of a step down plan.

The step down plan is designed to ease your loved one/patient back into family life at the level in which the family can handle. Preventing expensive modifications if the family decides the care needs of the patient are more than they can provide.

Functional Homes occupational therapists and builders work together with your family and the care management team to assess the family needs and to modify the home for safety, accessibility and ease of care:

Stage 1, The Accessibility Stage. Designed for short day visits home. Basic accommodations to get patient in to home, such as rental ramps, widening doors, installing grab bars.

Stage 2, The Basic Needs Stage. Designed for weekend visits home. No large modifications, just basic needs such as toilet needs, feeding and sleeping requirements are addressed.

Stage 3, Long Term Living Stage.
Long term modifications required to allow the patient to live in the home no matter what their level of function. Our occupational therapists and builders work together to design and modify homes based on patient/family needs for independence for long term. This could include:

  • Designing and building additions
  • Designing and modifying bathrooms, kitchens or bedrooms.
  • Evaluating several different living options for accessibility and giving bids for work needed so case manager/insurance company can make educated decisions.
  • Anything needed to create a functional, wheelchair accessible, barrier free living space.