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Wheelchair Ramps & Lifts
Wheelchair Ramps

Quality Wheelchair Ramps and Lifts. Licensed and insured contractors
install ramps and lifts to be safe and eliminate barriers.All ramps can be leased, purchased or rented. Rental ramps installed in days, sometimes hours - not months.

Aluminum Ramps, platforms and stairs are versatile and can be configured to solve almost any home accessibility problem. All of our aluminum ramps come standard with handrails, toe guard features and slip resistant, high traction surfaces for safety.


  • Aluminum ramps will not warp or rot.
  • Maintenance free (magic words.)
  • Portable, easy to reconfigure and move to a new location.
  • If you no longer need it, we will buy it back.

Wooden Ramps. We utilize pressure treated lumber for all of our wooden ramps as well as galvanized deck screws. We treat all walking surfaces of the ramp with slip resistant surfacing.

  • Less expensive than aluminium.
  • Very versatile. Can be configured to beautifully solve any home accessibility issue.
  • A permanent feature that can add value to your home.
  • Wooden ramps are best for people who need a permanent wheelchair ramp and do not expect to relocate.

Vertical Stair Lifts. are an alternative to ramping that don't require as much space, yet provide accessibility to your home or business. There are two kinds of vertical lifts; platform lifts which lift an entire wheelchair or seat lifts which lift only a person.

Standard features of lifts include:
  • Automatic self lowering mechanism if lift is at top of stairs.
  • 750 lb. lifting capacity.
  • Separate up and down push-button switches with key switch control.
  • Spring sensitive - lift shuts down when obstruction is encountered.
  • Solenoid actuated braking at landings.
  • Welded steel tubular guide construction with formed 16 GA sheet steel guarding.
  • Less expensive than aluminium.