Functional Homes Functional Homes Inc.

Functional Homes is a full service home accessibility construction/wheelchair ramp rental company. Builders and occupational therapists work together to design, build/remodel homes to be barrier free, functional and handicap accessible. We are experts in barrier free construction.

Our Mission: Functional Homes, Inc. applies creativity, technology and compassion to evaluate, design, adapt and construct living spaces that are functional, usable, accessible and cost effective, assuring that people who have temporary or permanent physical limitations are safe and enjoy the greatest possible lifestyle independence.

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Our Process: To ensure the most effective solution for your needs, we follow a six-step process in every project. We will guide you along the way in these areas:
    Identify    Assess you and your family's needs and goals for lifestyle independence-utilizing existing occupational therapy and physical therapy reports to assist in identifying your abilities and needs.

    Evaluate    Determine environmental accessibility needs and limitations.

    Design    Create design solutions based on your needs and lifestyle for safe accessibility.

    Specify    Prepare construction specifications and/or adaptive equipment requirements.

    Apply    Build appropriate modifications and/or procure proper equipment.

    Verify     Confirm that solutions meet your needs.